Bunnings Whirlybirds

Buying a whirlybird at Bunnings for a DIY Install seems to be a pretty common thing for the home handy person to try for themselves.

What Whirlybirds are Available at Bunnings ?

Bunnings carry a range of whirlybird roof ventilators, they stock cheap whirlybirds and they also stop premium whirlybirds.
The whirlybirds can be bought coloured or plain silver.

How to Install a Bunnings Whirlybird ?

  1. Place the whirlybird so that it overlaps the ridge cap.
  2. Use the whirlybird base as a template and mark a circle.
  3. Make a hole and circle using snips.
  4. Remove any tek screws from the ridge cap.
  5. Place your whirlybirds base under the ridge cap.
  6. Bend the sides over the sheeting ribs.
  7. Tek screw the whirlybird base into place.
  8. Cut and bend the whirlybird base in accordance to the metal roof sheeting profile.
  9. Use silicone to prevent leaks (note can also install underneath the whirlybird base for extra leak prevention)
  10. Place the whirlybird tube onto the base
  11. Level the whirlybird and place tek screws to ensure it does not move.
  12. Install the top whirlybird.
  13. Give it a spin !

How much does it cost to install a Bunnings Whirlybird ?

Our Roof Ventilation Installation service costs from $329, for a standard installation. Standard installation includes assembly and install of a cyclonic roof vent onto a tiled or metal roof surface up to double storey in height. Non-standard installations will incur additional costs.

Quoted Bunnings Website 14-05-23

Are There alternative Whirlybird Installers ?

Yes, there are definitely alternative whirlybird installers available.
For whirlybird installation you can try this link – https://fixupmyroof.com.au/whirlybirds/

What Colour Whirlybird Should I Buy ?

Whirlybirds are available in all colorbond roof colours as well as mill finish and they can also be painted any colour that you like.


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