Getting Started

Everybody has to start somewhere. You know its time to start up on your own, but where do you get customers ? Here’s a few steps to consider.

Create a facebook page, Its free and allows people to leave positive feedback for you. You will also need a facebook page if you want to do paid facebook advertising.

Join local Facebook groups for your local and surrounding areas that you want to work in.
Don’t spam those groups, just respond when people ask for help.

Run Google ads
It’s easy to get on the front page if Google when you pay, we can help you if you need help.

Contact local real estate agents.
If you present yourself the right way you can also receive regular maintenance work in your local areas. You need to show them you can help them out, its a bit like a job application.

Contact local builders
It’s a slower process but it can pay off if you keep at it. Choose the builders you want to work for, new homes, reno works etc.

Create a website.
Even if it’s just a single page website you need somewhere to receive your leads and turn them into customers. You need a landing page to send your customers to and a sales funnel to catch them. You can create a free website here.