Ranga Grips: Revolutionizing Roof Safety

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Ranga Grips: Revolutionizing Roof Safety

In the world of construction and home maintenance, safety is paramount. This is where Ranga Grips steps in, offering a groundbreaking solution to enhance safety for those working on roofs. Ranga Grips has developed a range of Roof Safety Brackets designed to provide secure footing and increase safety for tradespeople and homeowners alike.

Innovative Design

The Ranga Grips Roof Safety Bracket is ingeniously designed to follow the contours of a corrugated iron roof, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Made from extremely hard-wearing materials, these brackets are not only durable but also reusable, making them a cost-effective addition to any tradie’s toolkit12.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of Ranga Grips is their ease of use. The brackets can be quickly and securely attached to the roof without the need for additional roof securing screws. This design consideration significantly reduces the risk of roof screw damage and potential leaks2.

Safety First

By providing a safer working environment, Ranga Grips help users gain secure roof footings. This is crucial in preventing slips and falls, which are common hazards associated with roofing work. The brackets also protect the roof surface, ensuring that the integrity of the roof is maintained while work is being carried out2.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Ranga Grips are not just about safety; they also contribute to increased efficiency on the job. By saving time on setting up and moving safety equipment, trades can finish jobs earlier, which in turn allows them to take on more work or enjoy more leisure time. This efficiency translates into cost savings for both tradespeople and homeowners1.

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Ranga Grips is a testament to the innovation that drives the construction industry forward. With a focus on safety, ease of use, and efficiency, Ranga Grips’ Roof Safety Brackets are set to become an essential part of the toolkit for anyone working on roofs. As the company’s motto goes, Ranga Grips is here to help trades “finish jobs early so they can get home early,” all while maintaining the highest safety standards1.

I hope this article provides a comprehensive overview of Ranga Grips and their impact on roof safety. If you need more detailed information or have specific questions, feel free to ask!


Certainly! Here’s a FAQ on Ranga Grips based on the information available:

Frequently Asked Questions about Ranga Grips

Q: What are Ranga Grips? A: Ranga Grips are innovative roof safety brackets designed to provide increased safety for individuals working on corrugated iron roofs. They help to gain secure roof footings and protect the roof surface12.

Q: How do Ranga Grips enhance safety? A: The brackets follow the contours of a corrugated iron roof, ensuring a secure fit. They are colored orange for visibility and to prevent tripping hazards. Additionally, they are designed to increase secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls1.

Q: Are Ranga Grips easy to install? A: Yes, the Ranga Grips roof safety bracket is designed for easy installation. It can be attached to the roof without the need for additional roof securing screws, which helps to prevent potential leaks1.

Q: Do Ranga Grips replace the need for a harness? A: No, while Ranga Grips provide secure footing, they do not replace the need to have a harness on site, nor are they designed to be a harness attachment point1.

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Q: How often should the tape on the underside of the bracket be inspected? A: The tape should be inspected regularly before use to ensure limited damage to existing or new roof material. If the tape is damaged, it is advised to be replaced with a suitable alternative1.

Q: What is the recommended spacing for Ranga Grips? A: The maximum recommended spacing between Ranga Grips is 1200mm horizontally. However, larger spans up to 2400mm can be used, but it’s recommended to match the bracket spacing to roof screw spacings and remain below 2400mm1.

Q: Can Ranga Grips be reused? A: Yes, Ranga Grips are made from extremely hard-wearing materials that are durable and reusable, making them a cost-effective solution for roof safety2.

Q: Where can I purchase Ranga Grips? A: Ranga Grips can be purchased from various roofing supply stores and online retailers, such as Roofing Supermarket2.

I hope this FAQ addresses your queries about Ranga Grips. If you have more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!


Below is a table summarizing the key features and details of Ranga Grips based on the information available:


Product NameRanga Grips™ Roof Safety Bracket
Pack SizeAvailable in 2-pack and 6-pack options1
Price6-pack for $175.002
UsageProvides increased safety for working on roofs by eliminating the risk of slipping2
CompatibilityDesigned for corrugated iron roofs2
MaterialExtremely hard-wearing, durable, and reusable2
InstallationEasy to use; brackets can be engaged via the keyhole slot and secured without additional screws2
ProtectionHelps to gain secure roof footings while protecting the roof surface2
EfficiencyReduces time frames of projects for tradies and homeowners2
Additional FeaturesProvided with the TEK screw 12-25 for fixing the batten 70x35mm timber2
Ranga Grips Table

Please note that the prices and features are based on the latest information available and are subject to change. For the most current details and purchasing options, you may visit the official Ranga Grips website or authorized retailers.

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