Managed Hosting – Business Website With Templates

My Tradie Web is offering a website for your business for 90 cents a day that’s only $330 a year.
100% That’s it, no more to pay.
✔ 5 page website
✔ Trade / Business specific templates
✔ Copy Writing
✔ Stock images or add your images
✔ Hosting for your Website
✔ Maintenance & Updates
✔ Email Hosting
✔ Free Domain Name

  • 5 Pages or single page scroll website (template dependent)
  • Pricing includes trade or business specific templates for your website
  • Customisation other than images and copywriting below are excluded
Copy Writing
  • In house copyrighting or use your text
  • Stock images or use your images
  • Hosting sufficient to support your website
Maintenance & Updates
  • Updating of software and website included
Email Hosting
  • Hosting your sales email address if you have your domain with us
Domain Name
  • Free top level domain (must be hosted through us)
  • We provide your website and hosting on a yearly subscription