Understanding QBCC Licences: Contractor vs. Nominee Supervisor

Contractor vs Nominee Supervisor: Here’s an article that outlines the key differences between a QBCC Contractors License and a Nominee Supervisor Licence:

Understanding QBCC Licences: Contractor Vs Nominee Supervisor

In the building industry, it’s crucial to have the right qualifications and licences to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) offers various licences tailored to different roles within the industry. Two such licences are the Contractor Licence and the Nominee Supervisor Licence. Here’s what sets them apart:

Contractor Licence

Contractor Licence is a business licence that allows an individual or company to enter into contracts directly with property owners, builders, principal contractors, or developers1To obtain this licence, one must demonstrate financial capacity, business training, technical skills, and experience relevant to the scope of building work for the licence class they hold1Contractors are also required to maintain their occupational licence for specific trades like plumbing, drainage, gasfitting, and termite management-chemical work1.

Nominee Supervisor Licence

The Nominee Supervisor Licence, on the other hand, is for individuals who supervise building work on behalf of a company1A nominee supervisor must meet the same experience, technical skills, and managerial qualifications as the company’s contractor-type licence1However, unlike contractors, nominee supervisors cannot enter into contracts directly with the public or other contractors1.

In summary, while both licences are essential in the building industry, they serve different purposes:

  • Contractor Licence enables direct contracting and personal performance of building work.
  • Nominee Supervisor Licence allows supervision of building work without direct contracting rights.
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It’s important for professionals in the industry to choose the correct licence type that matches their intended role and responsibilities.

This article provides a concise comparison between the two licences. For more detailed information or to apply for a licence, you can visit the QBCC’s official website1.


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